David Nolan's 2018 wrap up

David Nolan
Webster Nolan Real Estate


In 30 years, I cannot remember a time when the agricultural industry was as buoyant right across every sector in general terms and with such a positive outlook for many of the commodities involved.  

The children are returning to the family farm, something we have not seen for nearly a generation. 

The drought has certainly causedsome heartbreak however I hope it has also caused some discussion for the future in relation to water management, the provision to build "super" dams, livestock and fodder management and whether governments should intervene or not. The list of what should be put in place is continually ignored once the rains come and seasons go back to normal.  

I have seen a number of droughts and the same problems occur and the same questions are raised. What that tells me is, once it rains, politicians and all the so called "agri experts" are relieved and walk away hoping everything is forgotten. 

Unless the above is addressed with some long term logistic thinking and planning the problems incurred with a drought will continue to arise. 

Regarding land values, we have witnessed and will continue to witness very strong sales evidence across all types of country and in all regions. 

In the new year and in our next newsletter, we are going to look at land values and DSE values. 

We are of the opinion based on our remodeling of values, DSE and cow area calculations have radically changed in how they will be used in future. Our newly developed in house system may revolutionise the way the value of land is assessed.

Finally, we are also excited to announce our database has grown to over 21,000 people which gives our valued clients a distinct advantage in relation to exposing their rural properties to the largest possible target audience of potential buyers.

In closing we would like to wish everyone and their families a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful 2019.

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