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Duncan McLeod
Director, Livestock Agent/Auctioneer 
MAA Livestock & Property


Most producers in southern Queensland will not be afraid to say good bye to 2018. The weather has not been kind, to say the least.

So as we come into what should be our wettest time of the year we still have hope. Markets are remaining reasonably strong with plenty of upside available for values when the summer break comes.

Producers always wonder where the numbers will come from? After working in the Maranoa for the past 18 years this area is the gateway to plenty of cattle. Queensland as they say is a “bloody big paddock”.

One trend that I have noticed becoming more entrenched is greater volatility. Producers are receiving greater swings in demand and supply signals with prices rising, and unfortunately falling on bigger swings. I don’t think that this trend is limited to livestock markets either. Worldwide populations seem to be more reactive to outside sources. This is filtering through to see popularly elected governments turfed out in shorter time frames when they fail to live up to expectations, unrealistic or not! We seem much quicker to judge people, governments, associates, everything and everybody. Is this a trend of having greater access to the 24 hour constant news cycle and constant triads from idiots on twitter, Facebook , and other social media platforms?

Plenty of commentators are quick to point out faults but empty on practical solutions. Change is constant in everything, though the speed may vary. Much of the information we are force feed is of a dubious quality, and this I believe is making us all question constantly what goes on around us. I believe we are all becoming less trusting. The old Australian ideal of a fair go is long gone. If we want a fair go we must give a fair go.

As I jump down off my soap box; though this time of the year makes me somewhat reflective. It would be remiss of me not to offer season’s greetings to all. So here goes.


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