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Another year nearly over, how quickly these years come and go.

An older gentleman once said to me many years ago that life is very short.

I doubted that at the time, but now to me, he is right.

The Ballarat & District area in parts is drying off.  Around home in the volcanic potato country it is still green.  We were blessed – we had no hot windy weather two months ago. We’ve struggled with 10-15 mm of rain periodically that has got us through.

The Western District is poised for some big weaner cattle sales. Calves with feedlot weight will make their money, lighter calves will mainly depend upon Northern competition.  I think the number of export slaughter cattle will decrease around February which should improve prices.

The lamb market has been strong, but has come under pressure last week.  Big numbers have been sold, Ballarat averaging 42,000 lambs plus sheep for last 8 weeks, Hamilton 80,000 lambs for past month. Mutton has been cheaper but will get dearer in the early new year.

I hope the northern country gets a great early break – so much depends upon this - buying power and agistment.

I would like to wish all readers a happy & safe Christmas, and hope the new year is blessed with rain, good health and happiness.

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